Signals Prints

I have been collecting ham radio cards from the 1920′s to 1950′s for a long time and the result is a series of limited edition prints, which are beautifully abstract, textural and contemporary, made entirely from those cards. These amateur hams could have been the first ‘techno geeks’, contacting each other through radio using a type of morse code, long before telephone was accessible. These letterpress printed cards were sent via post to confirm receipt of the signals – eventually all over the world. The cards always featured their call code using woodblock type, quirky hand written messages and sometimes humorous cartoon mascots – inspirational collage material!

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  • Signals: no. 2
  • Signals: Argentina
  • Signals: 1935
  • Signals: Cheerio
  • Signals: 'WIRE'
  • Signals: El Gato
  • Signals: no. 5
  • Signals: Portugal
  • Signals: 'Woodside, New York'
  • Signals: '0055GMT'
  • Signals: 'Brooklyn 12'
  • Signals: Eastern Bloc
  • Signals: no. 9
  • Signals: no. 4
  • Signals: no. 6
  • Signals: no. 7
  • Signals: no. 3
  • Signals: no. 1
  • Signals: no. 8
  • Signals: 123
  • Signals: William J. Gentry
  • Signals: sorry i lost u
  • Signals: Radio Splendid
  • Signals: wire slanting
  • Signals: Radio nyc