• ArtPress publish Signals age cards

    Artpress have published a new range of age cards from designs commissioned from me based on my Signals collection. I was excited to see them in Brighton at Burt’s homestore the other week, here are a few pics I am finally uploading. Someone called me to ask if I had an age 90 card for their Dad, he was looking at my range in the Oxford Street branch of John Lewis – so they are certainly getting well distributed! The range so far is for ages 18, 21, 30, 40, 50, 60 & 70. But Artpress are going to extend it to ages 80 & 90, soon as I complete the artworks… Artpress have previously published other Signals designs too.  If you are a retailer you can order the cards wholesale here.

  • My work sold out in Korea!

    Just a quick update, I had great news today in that my 5 remaining limited edition prints exhibited in Korea have now been sold.

  • Exhibition of British Collage Art, South Korea July – Oct

    A quick update: the ‘British Collage Art’ show was really successful at the Gyeongnam International Art Fair – see an example of blog coverage here. Apparently it received huge central and local media attention. So I have sold my art for the first time in South Korea! Interestingly, all ten of Irina & Silviu’s Surrealist collages sold out at the show, as did Emily Young’s colourful vases – which is a great insight into South Korean art taste. The organisers ‘Mind The Gap’ have decided to extend the exhibition to galleries in Busan and Seoul from July to October.

    Irina and Silviu's collages are in the true Dadaist style.

  • Brunswick Art Fair 30th June

    I am taking part in this one-day art fair in Brighton on Sunday 30th June with my friend Carol Seatory (11am – 6pm). It’s on the grass at Brunswick Square and the weather forecast is good! So if you are at a loose end come and see us. Carol has some great screen prints on vintage wallpapers and some new handmade cards. I will have the full range of my handmade alphabet cards (with the gold corners) and various ‘mini-prints’ framed in white, plus cheaper proofs and prints in the browser.

  • Exhibition South Korea 18 June – 2 July

    My Signals prints have been chosen for ‘Mind The Gap 2013′, an exhibition of British contemporary art, by 7 artists, held in a number of major cities across South Korea. This year the theme is collage and assemblage and it starts at the prestigious Won Gallery in the fashionable Gangnam district of Seoul from 18 June – 2 July. It then travels to the Gyeongnam International Art Fair in the industrial city of Changwon from 4 – 7 July. Further dates and venues to be announced.

  • Rosie’s collage

    My daughter has just completed this collage as part of her course work. The brief was: ‘Choose an artist and make a self portrait in their style, whilst also relecting an aspect of your own personality’… not an easy task! Rosie chose Derek Gores as she wanted to try collage and was very taken with his portraits as when you look closely, they are made from random bits from magazines. But from a distance they look very painterly. Rosie’s passions are riding, nature and music…


    Palm leaves and jewels make the eyelashes

    Wood, leather, fur and straw make the hair, the ear is a rose

    Portrait by Derek Gores

  • Affordable Art Fair – Hampstead in June

    Liberty Gallery will be representing my work at the Affordable Art Fair in Hampstead, London, from 13th to 16th June 2013. It is my first time showing there and I am very pleased to have been selected.

    I’ve now visited the show and took a few pics of things that caught my eye. I found some fantastic sculptures by Dean Patman (Hybrid Gallery). He cleverly creates birds, insects and fish from up-cycled cutley, wooden rulers, teapots and various household objects (even vintage hairdryers), so full of character and wit. Collages by Fernando Alday (Villa del Arte Galleries) utilise antique paper often incorporating calligraphy to create images of architecture, statues and maps. I also found myself being drawn to simple paintings of fruit and flowers. A contrast from the flat graphic style of art and pattern making that is so prevalent at the moment. It makes me want to paint… infact I am going to.

    Bird by Dean Patman

    Black headed gull, by Dean Patman

    World map by Fernando Alday

    Oil painting by Alice Sheppard Fidler

    I need to locate the artist's details for this one...

  • Open House exhibition May 2013

    The Artist’s Open House Festival is in full swing once again! I am exhibiting at Nine By Nine in Brighton on the Dyke Road Arts Trail. There are only two weekends left, so don’t miss the chance to buy my new 3D vintage ticket collages, which are all one-offs in white painted box frames. As per my ‘ticket spectrum’ collage (in an earlier post below), each ticket is raised up on a little block, with some being hole punched, dog eared and torn, to look completely real, with the benefit of being lightfast! I also have lower priced artist’s proofs and ‘mini prints’ available especially for the show.

  • Martin O’Neill exhibiting at FOUND

    I am exhibiting alongside Martin at the FOUND exhibition. Martin’s work is incredible, I love it! I’ve pasted some examples below, but check out his website ‘Cut It Out’ here. I am completely jealous of his studio – a converted 1930s shop on the south coast.

  • My cards in Waterstones

    Art Press have published some of my designs as greetings cards and I have just discovered them in Waterstones book store. Now you wouldn’t buy one instead of an original print, as the quality and longevity are not comparable, but they look really jolly as cards! Art Press have also published my range of ‘age cards’ from age 18 through to age 70.

  • New 3D ticket collage for FOUND

    I have been wanting to make a 3D collage of various travel tickets I have for a while now. The FOUND exhibition was an obvious deadline for me to get this done! I knew I couldn’t use the actual tickets because they would fade really quickly, so I have scanned them at a really high resolution and printed them as giclées which retain incredible detail. I wanted to achieve a colour spectrum – I haven’t altered the colours, these are as per the originals (just a touch brighter for a more vibrant effect). The tickets are raised from the surface, and I have hand torn, dog-eared and hole punched some of them. Each ticket edge has been painted in the shade of the ticket so they look completely real! This is an original one-off collage. I will do more, but they will naturally be slightly different. If you are visiting Brighton, come and see it (or buy it!) at Unlimited Editions in Upper Gardner Street.

  • FOUND exhibition starts 22nd February

    I am taking part in an exciting joint exhibition at Unlimited Editions in Brighton, together with the creative forces ‘Box 2′ and Martin O’Neill. It runs from 22nd Feb to 16th March. The work will highlight the medium of collage, ephemera and the everyday object, and will feature a number of new and one off original pieces. Read more here.